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Video Optimization

We use several video uploading websites using Keyword Tools and Video Optimization Methods. Billions of video views take place on video uploading sites every day. Is your brand capturing any of this traffic?

More than 35 hours of video content is uploaded to Video Uploading websites every minute. This means 2,100 hours of video is uploaded every hour, or 50,400 hours of content is uploaded to every day and this is on YouTube alone. We use several video outlets so the odds that a mass of viewers will discover your video are very  high. We use keywords, tags and phrases, titles and a good description of your video content that will be a interest to your target viewers. In addition, we ask you as our client, the demographic area you wish to target. This includes male or female, ages 13 to 65+, applicable countries, and the subject interests from animals to travel.

Let us assist you with your video production or slideshow. We do that too! No production too large or small.


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